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San2 & His Soul Patrol

"The longer one plays, the clearer the vision becomes of ones own sound, and which harps, microphones, and amps one want to use. The best Harmonica by far that I know is the Marine Band Deluxe. For me, and what I play, that is plainly the Blues harp!"

San2 belongs to the next generation of entertainers and passionately authentic musicians, building a bridge between Rhythm & Blues and pop. Having picked up the harmonica at age 17, San2 quickly developed his own playing style, influenced by his time living in the bay area. Upon his return to Germany, he kick started his career, working with renowned producer Geoff Gascoyne (Jamie Cullum) on his second album and touring extensively. A true globetrotter, San2 lives alternately in Munich and Amsterdam.


Instrument Marine Band Deluxe, Super 64
Country Germany
Born December 04, 1978