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  • Recorder

    Musica Line

〈Melody Line Magic Flute〉
from 29.00

Enjoy the real sound

The recorder has been a popular beginner’s instrument for centuries. It’s quite easy to pick up the basics: Fully cover the holes with your fingers, put the mouthpiece in your mouth, and gently blow. Of course, there are more advanced techniques professionals use to create even greater soundscapes, but let’s not go there just yet.
The Musica Line is the perfect instrument for novices as well as more advanced beginners. It’s ideal as a first 2-piece wooden recorder, and captivates with its beautifully warm sound. Depending on your preference, we offer two models from pearwood and one from maple, all of which are available in both German or Baroque fingering.

Tuning: soprano
Fingering: German, Baroque
Construction: 2-piece
Packing: plastic hard case
Material: dark pearwood, light pearwood, maple