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  • Force Melodicas

    Ocean Melodica

〈Fire Melodica Superforce 37 〉
from 59.00

The Calm Before the Storm

From relaxed, slow rhythms straight into a melodious storm – and straight back into still waters. From Reggae and Funk to Pop and Jazz, the interplay between fast and slow passages is a popular means to keep the audience on their feet and the songs interesting. And with our Ocean Melodica, you have the perfect partner for it!
The beautiful black and blue design gives the Ocean Melodica its mysterious, calm looks. And thanks to the airtight construction, quiet passages have a crisp sound while loud passages have the necessary power and volume. Because as you know, still waters run deep.

Tonal range: f, small octave, c, three-lined octave
Length: 42 cm / 16.5”
Weight: 580 g
Color: blue
Packing: plastic hard case