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    Tremolo Series

    Enjoy the classic folk sound

    Green pastures, blue skies and snowcapped moutain peaks. Traditional German and Austrian folk music is inseparably associated with these idyllic alpine landscapes. Whether old songs or new, their captivating melodies transport the listener to a world of forests, mountain streams and breathtaking views. 

    The harmonicas of our Tremolo Series were made for musical journeys such as these. For over 150 years, they have reflected their origins and provided the musical backdrop to everyday life for millions of people  -  at home, out walking in the countryside or around the campfire.

    Their unique sound is created by using two reeds for each note, tuned very slightly apart to create an uplifting, gently pulsating tremolo effect which is perfect for folk music.

    Choose from a range of 9 harmonicas ideally suited to playing folk music styles from around the world as well as pop and country.

    You’re not sure which instrument to chose? Don’t worry, with our product finder you’ll find the perfect Hohner harmonica.