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  • Performance Series

    Silver Concerto

〈ACE 48 Amadeus〉
from 5,149.00

The Purest Tone for Classical Music

Classical compositions for harmonica place great demands on both player and instrument to create the depth of sound and convey the nuanced range of emotional expression needed to truly captivate the listener. To create this complex acoustic landscape, artists must be able to rely on their instruments to take them wherever they need to go. Developed in close cooperation with the legendary Tommy Reilly, our Silver Concerto is renowned among classical harmonicists the world over for its remarkable purity of tone and dynamic range. Each instrument is individually made to order, with the highest degree of precision and attention to detail. Covers and body are crafted from solid 925 sterling silver, which in combination with extra thick, nickel plated reed plates, ensures a bright, powerful sound. The redesigned mouthpiece is closed on the side opposite the new slide button, to further reduce air loss and ensure silent slide operation. The Sliver Concerto represents the ultimate chromatic harmonica for the classical soloist, whether in smaller, more intimate ensembles or in an orchestral setting.

Reed plates (material, thickness): brass, 1.2 mm
Reed plates (surface): nickel
Reeds (number, material): 48, brass
Comb (material, color): sterling silver
Comb (finish): sterling silver
Mouthpiece (surface): silver
Cover plates: sterling silver
Slide construction: straight
Keys: C
Type: chromatic
Tuning: solo tuning
Number of holes: 12
Tonal range: 3 octaves, C4 – D7
Length: 15.5 cm / 6.1"
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