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    Harmonica Service Set

〈Harmonica Belt HOHNER Instant Workshop Toolkit〉
from 76.00

HOHNER Service Toolkits

The Harmonica Service Set contains everything you need for basic harmonica maintenance. In combination with our online tutorials, this small assortment of high-quality tools for tuning, reed adjustment, and valve replacement is also suitable for players taking their first steps in harmonica maintenance.

The set contains:

  • Fine tuning file
  • Special tuning scraper
  • Screwdriver with matching inserts
  • Hook tool for lifting inner reeds
  • Reed lifting blade with integrated reed wrench
  • Tube of windsaver glue
  • Set of HOHNER windsavers
  • Lint-free cleaning cloth
  • QR code to access helpful online service tutorial


Please be aware that harmonica maintenance and repair demands a light touch and needs to be learned. We recommend working on an old instrument first and accept no liability for any consequences arising from use of these tools or the techniques described in the online tutorials.

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