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  • Corona Series

    Emiliano Zuleta Signature Series Accordion

〈Corona III C-II〉
from 2,235.00

The Vallenato Legend

It may almost sound like an empty phrase, but when we say that the accordion is the heart and soul of the Vallenato music, we say it cause there’s no better way to describe it. The unique Vallenato sound wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the accordion, and it wouldn’t be so successful if it weren’t for Emiliano Zuleta Díaz, son to the legendary Emiliano Zuleta Baquero, the godfather of Vallenato music. Like his father, Emiliano Zuleta is an amazing accordionist who plays the Vallenato tipico like no other. After more than 40 years of music, over 60 song compositions and over 50 albums, it was time to honor this incredible man with his very own signature accordion.
The Emiliano Zuleta Signature is based on the popular Corona III model, and offers everything a real Vallenato could ask for. The unique design and beautiful sound are rounded off with Emiliano Zuleta’s signature printed on every instrument.

Number of notes: 62
Buttons: 31
Button rows: 3
Class: diatonic
Voices: 3
Tone colors: 1
Keys: A/D/G, G/C/F, B/Eb/Ab
Standard basses: 12
Standard bass voices: 6
Size: 31 x 19 cm / 12.2” x 7.5”
Weight: 4.6 kg
Color: red
Reed plate quality: standard
Straps: Ergoline straps
Case: Gigbag
Online catalogue emiliano zuleta signaturei fingering chart (PDF)