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    Rey del Norte TT S/L

〈Rey del Norte III 4 Rey del Norte IV〉
from 5,350.00

The Two In One

Sometimes, emotions can’t be expressed in a single key. The need for versatility necessitates a second accordion in a different key – or one in two keys. With the Rey del Norte TT, we offer two accordions, compact (S) and large (L), that give the professional Norteño, Vallenato and Tex-Mex the possibility to play two keys with one accordion. Feel a newfound freedom of expression with these incredibly smooth-sounding and beautiful looking accordions.

Number of notes: 68
Buttons: 34
Button rows: 3
Class: diatonic
Voices: 2
Number of registers: 6
Tone colors: 6
Standard basses: 12
Size: 33 x 19.6 cm / 13” x 7.7”
Weight: 6 kg
Reed plate quality: A Mano
Straps: leather straps
Case: hard shell with velvet interior
Online catalogue rey del norte tt s fingering chart (PDF)