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    Rey del Norte III 4

〈Rey del Norte III S/L Rey del Norte TT S/L〉
from 5,770.00

The Big III

With four button rows, the Rey del Norte III 4 is the biggest of its type and an incredibly versatile accordion. Be it for Vallenato, Norteño, or Tex-Mex, the additional button row allows for an even more dynamic play, greatly adding to the musician’s possibilities. Take your audience on a musical journey with this amazing piece of craftsmanship.

Number of notes: 92
Buttons: 46
Button rows: 4
Class: diatonic
Voices: 3
Number of registers: 5
Tone colors: 5
Standard basses: 12
Size: 36.8 x 21.8 cm / 14.5” x 8.6”
Weight: 7.4 kg
Reed plate quality: A Mano
Straps: leather straps
Case: plush case
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