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    Rey del Norte II S/L

〈Rey del Norte II Rey del Norte III S/L〉
from 4,599.00

The 3 Switch Models

Capture the audience with exciting love stories and outcries of social injustice presented in musical form. Make them dance and sing, laugh and cry with passionate rhythms and catchy melodies. The Rey del Norte II 3 Switch offers you the necessary dynamic range, with a compact (S) and larger (L) version to suit all types of professional accordionists.

Number of notes: 68
Buttons: 34
Button rows: 3
Class: diatonic
Voices: 2
Tone colors: 1
Standard basses: 12
Size: 33 x 17.8 cm / 13” x 7”
Weight: 5.5 kg
Reed plate quality: A Mano
Straps: leather straps
Case: plush case
Online catalogue rey del norte ii s fingering chart (PDF)