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  • Rey del Norte

    El Italiano

〈White Hawk II Rey del Norte II〉
from 5,100.00

If the Rey Aguila and the Black Hawk are the Ferraris of the accordions, the Italiano is the Maserati – compact, sleek, and extremely versatile with incredible performance in sound and feel.

Buttons: 34 Treble Buttons, 12 Bass Buttons
Button rows: 3
Class: Diatonic
Voices: Chorus: LMM (3 Reeds)
Keys: GCF, FBbEb, EAD
Size: 13,7 x 7,5
Weight: 12 Lbs
Color: Red, Blue, Silver, Yellow, Black, White
Reed plate quality: Manetti
Straps: Italian Leather Straps
Case: Plush case