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  • MORINO+ Series

    Morino+ V 120

〈Morino+ IV 120 Morino+ IV 96 Tremolo〉
from 9,720.00

The Reliable Multi-Talent

The accordion is incredibly versatile: from classical music to rock, from pop to folk – there seems to be no genre the sound of an accordion doesn’t fit into. It can be used to create incredibly detailed sonic landscapes and intricate musical patterns, or to indulge in vivid acoustic renditions of memories and stories. With the Morino+ V 120, you have the perfect companion for these acoustic adventures, both on and off stage, solo or in an orchestra. With the voluminous sound and smooth play, it is ideal for advanced players – and also available in a deluxe version with thicker reed plates for an even stronger sound.

Piano Keys: 41
Number of notes: 41, F - A
Class: chromatic
Voices: 5
Number of registers: 13
Tone colors: 13
Voices in Cassotto: 2
Feet in Cassotto: 16´ + 8´
Standard basses: 120
Standard bass voices: 5
Standard bass registers: 7
Size: 49 cm x 22 cm / 19.3” x 8.7”
Weight: 12.4 kg
Reed plate quality: H2
Straps: Ergoline straps
Case: Hard shell case (with trolley)
morino v 120 fingering chart (PDF)