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  • Fun Line Series

    Fun Star 120

〈Fun Top 120 Fun Star 96〉
from 9,980.00

The Stage Diver

When you’re on stage, you want to be able to move and to react to your audience. Also, you’re looking for a warm sound that works both on its own and in combination with a band. That’s right where the Fun Star 120 fits in. It was designed with the requirements of an on-stage performance in mind, giving it a low weight and compact construction. Combined with the amazing look and the beautiful, warm sound, this accordion is perfect for ambitious beginners as well as seasoned professionals.

Number of notes: 53
Buttons: 70
Button rows: 5
Class: chromatic
Voices: 4
Number of registers: 8
Tone colors: 8
Voices in Cassotto: 2
Feet in Cassotto: 16´ + 16´
Standard basses: 120
Standard bass voices: 5
Standard bass registers: 5
Size: 43 cm x 23 cm / 16.9” x 9.1”
Weight: 11 kg
Color: uni-colored, colored, gold
Reed plate quality: H2
Straps: Ergoline straps
Case: Hard shell case
Bass configuration: stepped
Button Key System: B, C
Online catalogue fun star 120 fingering chart (PDF)