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  • Fun Line Series

    Fun Flash

〈Fun Pro Fun Power〉
from 13,150.00

The Master Accordion

The Fun Flash manages to combine everything from the epic proportions of classical music to the experimental character of jazz, while adding an exciting new look to it, as well. The voluminous, powerful sound allows you to carry your listeners off into the worlds of orchestra music just as much as into the world of Death Metal – an acoustic rollercoaster ride just waiting to happen!
Played by artists like Julez Holzmann or Heinz Hox, this accordion is designed for advanced and professional players, and can be heard on recordings of anything from German schlager to Pagan metal.

Number of notes: 50
Buttons: 82
Button rows: 5
Class: chromatic
Voices: 4
Number of registers: 8
Tone colors: 8
Voices in Cassotto: 2
Feet in Cassotto: 16´ + 16´
Standard basses: 96
Standard bass voices: 4
Standard bass registers: 4
Size: 40 cm x 23 cm / 15.8” x 9.1”
Weight: 10 kg
Color: uni-colored, colored, gold
Reed plate quality: H1
Straps: Ergoline straps
Case: Hard shell case
Bass configuration: stepped
Button Key System: B, C
Online catalogue fun flash piano fingering chart (PDF)