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    We would like to thank the following partners from the worlds of education, culture, and academia who are involved in many individual projects and prototype tests connected to the XS accordion.

    Your active participation and input have helped us highlight this new instrument and related learning experiences in a truly comprehensive and practical manner.

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    The HOHNER Conservatory Trossingen provides music educators with practical training under the direction of renowned lecturers. Many of the educators actively teaching the accordion today graduated from this conservatory. It prioritizes early music education so that students are ready to work with children. Besides taking the mandatory subject of ‚elementary music education,‘ students can obtain a life-long license from the ifem-Institute Mainz for the baby MG, the MG1, and MG2 by taking an additional elective in elementary music education.


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    DHV is Germany’s second-largest amateur music association in the instrumental field. The association strongly advocates raising up the next generation of accordion players. Cooperation among local stakeholders at music schools, clubs, and educational facilities is important to DHV in its mission. The goal is to have children get their hands on the accordion as early as possible.


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    The HOHNER XS was developed with academic, music education, and design assistance from the University of the Arts, Bremen. It was the first time that an accordion was customized to the specific ergonomics and needs of children aged four to seven years old. New materials and designs create a beginner’s version of a traditional instrument that has professional acoustic properties. With the help of a large number of studies, the accordion was tailored to the different physical characteristics and needs of children so that playing an accordion has a positive impact on children’s physical development.


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    Recognized as Germany’s most sustainable brand in 2015, VAUDE not only develops high-quality environmentally friendly products for adult outdoor enthusiasts. The company also makes many sustainable products for children. VAUDE feels really strongly that children should have the chance to grow up in a carefree environment. Innovative, durable, and environmentally friendly materials play a crucial role in the development of new products. HOHNER and VAUDE worked together to develop the Click ’n Play System, the XS Gigbags, and a few other textile parts of the HOHNER XS.


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    The local music school near our headquarters and musical center for the accordion in Germany has extensive expertise in teaching the accordion. This is where we test out the first instruments in instrumental lessons and where students are taught the XS accordion exclusively as their first instrument. Accordions are often used in group settings in its elementary education sessions.


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    The academy specializes in in-service training for music educators and offers complementary, in-depth seminars and workshops on music, dance, and art education. It has ideally equipped spaces for this work. As a partner from the outset, the academy specifically develops and offers courses on how to use XS accordions in early education and in adult education.


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    The use of XS accordions in inclusion work is being tested and monitored by music educators and academics with support from the professorship for musical education and music didactics within the philosophical educational faculty at the Catholic University of Eichstätt Ingolstadt.


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    The Don Bosco publishing house is one of Germany’s leading specialist publishers in the world of early education. This successful publisher is famous for its in-service practice and text books in which experienced practitioners with a great deal of knowledge and a wealth of practical experience present topics for educators in a practical manner. In a painstakingly developed practice book and an accompanying children’s primer, Don Bosco worked with its authors to take on the accordion. From the outset, it was important to everyone involved that the book gave all educators access to an instrument so they can find something that they can put into practice the very first time that they read it.