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„I can’t imagine a life without music.“

Whether accompanying her mother, German pop star Nena, on the accordion on stage, coaching talented young artists on The Voice Kids, or striking out on her own as an artist and musician, Larissa Kerner gets kids excited about music like nobody else. As a HOHNER ambassador, the mother-of-two encourages all accordion enthusiasts and aspiring players to discover how much great music the HOHNER XS can make.



Born in Berlin in 1990, Larissa Kerner is a musician and an artist. The mother-of-two has been making music from an early age, founding the Adameva duo at the age of just 15. In 2017 and 2018, she joined her mother as a coach on the German TV show The Voice Kids, helping young talented musicians to live out their dreams. She also writes lyrics and works as an actress.

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I sang, wrote, and played music on my mom’s records for kids at an early age. Back then, our studio was set up in the middle of the living room. We were allowed to beat the drums, shake rattles, and do anything that was fun and belonged on a good record for kids. I’m sure I was influenced by the fact that music and work were not something that we separated at all. Making music, dancing, and singing are completely natural for me. And I am now noticing the same thing with my own kids. I don’t have to encourage them to sing a song or try out an instrument. They do it all on their own.

With melody and harmony, with a perfect sense of rhythm during thrilling dissonance, and with flow.

I think it’s really important to give kids access to instruments in a completely relaxed, no-pressure environment. An instrument can certainly be viewed as a toy. Instead of spending tons of money on plastic toys, they should invest in instruments, which are sustainable and often end up being a life-long companion. One example is my mom’s first HOHNER accordion, which dates back to 1966. She often used to play music to us on it. And now I play on it too.

We used to sing a lot of traditional kids’ songs and folk songs at home. And we still enjoy singing these tunes often today. My children like to sing them too.

My tip when learning an instrument is: Just get started then practice, practice, practice. Or, to put it better: Play, play, play. Ten minutes a day is enough. The secret is to stick with it and have fun. That’s why I advise other parents not to pressurize kids and instead encourage them to hang in there if they become discouraged.


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