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    Holding the HOHNER XS in your hands for the very first time is a magical experience. Touching the keys. Pressing the buttons. Sliding into the straps, and coaxing the first sounds out of the instrument.

    The amazing thing about the HOHNER XS is that this magic doesn’t get old the second, third, or fourth time, either! Join us on a tour to discover and learn what makes the accordion so special.



    The housing

    The housing is more than just a pretty color. It also serves an important function. It’s where you will find the keys on one side and bass buttons on the other. The housing also adds stability to your accordion.

    The keys (treble side)

    The keys will certainly look familiar to anyone who has seen a piano before. The white and black keys produce different sounds.

    The second bellows strap

    This strap holds the bellows together. The bellows can open if left in an unlocked position.

    The bellows

    The accordion would make no music were it not for the bellows: They draw air through the tone channels and tune reeds, and expel air again. The bellows are flexible and especially durable as they are constantly moving back and forth when the accordion is played.

    The first bellows strap

    This strap holds the bellows together. The bellows can open if left in an unlocked position.

    The bass buttons

    The bass buttons are generally pressed with the left hand. This creates accompaniments to pieces that you play on the keys, generally using your right hand.

    The hand strap

    Simply slip your left hand through the strap and it will always be in the perfect place to press the bass buttons.

    The air button

    The bigger button on the bass keyboard is called the air button. Press it to open and close the bellows without making any sounds.

    The reed block

    There are many small reeds on the reed block. As soon as air comes to the reed through the single pulpit, it starts to vibrate and produces a sound.


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    It weighs a little, but can do a lot!

    The HOHNER XS was developed for children from four to seven years of age so we made it 60 percent lighter than a traditional accordion. It covers the following range: treble side B3–G5 and three bass rows: F2–A2.

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    Made by experts. For children.

    Since we needed to do more than just shrink an accordion to a child’s size, we partnered with academics, music educators, and designers to develop the HOHNER XS. Its benefits: easy fastening with the Click ’n Play straps and a treble board with an ergonomically adjusted angle.

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    Always the right setup

    Its adjustable hand strip means that the HOHNER XS always has the right setup – whether a child is playing or an adult is giving a quick demo. We offer a second strap system for adults to make sure the accordion is the perfect fit for them too.

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    Just in case

    The accordion is no Stradivarius. If something happens to one of these famed string instruments, it means more than just the chords being out of tune. By contrast, the HOHNER XS can stand up to quite a bit because we opted for a robust plastic housing and an equally stable internal design when manufacturing this product.

    Right hand: 
    Notes:21, B3-G5
    Left hand: 
    Bass buttons:15
    Size:28.5 x 14 cm / 11.2" x 5.5"
    Weight:2.9 kg
    Reed plate quality:standard
    Accessories:Click ’n Play straps