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    Instagram Competition

    Play your Original!

    Every owner of a HOHNER instrument knows that special HOHNER sound and has his or her own HOHNER story to tell. Now you have the chance to share this with the world, be it your original instrument, your original playing style or your favorite original location to play in. The best original video and photo will each be awarded a prize of 1000 Euro and will be featured on all HOHNER social media channels worldwide. The ten runners up in each category will all win original HOHNER instruments. What are you waiting for? All you have to do is follow the three steps below:

    1. Take a picture or a video of you playing your HOHNER instrument in your own way, at an original location of your choice, or just showing your original instrument.
    2. Add the hashtag #playtheOriginal and tag HOHNER Music. In the case of a video, just put @hohnermusic in the description.
    3. Post it on Instagram!

    Timespan: The competition will run from July 15th to Nov 30st 2018

    A purchase is not necessary to participate or win.

    1. Can I participate by posting a picture and a video?
      Yes, of course. There is no limit.
    2. How is “Original” defined?
      Original means that it must be your own playing style, your unique instrument, or in the case of a place, somewhere where people generally do not suspect someone to play music, or a place, that you have chosen as your personal place to play.
    3. Is there only one winner?
      No. There will be one winner in the category photo and one in the category video. The second to tenth place winners win HOHNER instruments.
      That means that we raffle 2000 Euro (1000 Euro each for the best photo and the best video) and 18 HOHNER instruments (place 2-10 in each category) in total.
    4. Submit how? Where?
      As “submitted” counts every post (one per account / person) that fulfills the three steps mentioned above to join the competition . (click on the terms & conditions for more information)
    5. Do photoshopped posts count, too?
      No. Only photos taken normally with the camera's internal filter are allowed. Otherwise, only the common Instagram filters are allowed.

    If you have any further questions and/or requests, please check the terms & conditions or send us an e-mail

    The Theme

    Whether professional or amateur - everyone who plays a HOHNER instrument knows exactly why he plays it. For many it is the unique, original HOHNER sound, for others it is their original story about their instrument. Now you have the chance to show your original HOHNER instrument, your original playing style or your especially original location to the whole world and win fantastic prices!


    Participation in the competition

    This is how you can participate: Upload a photo or video, in which you play an original HOHNER instrument with #playtheOriginal to Instagram and tag our account hohnermusic.

    Competition period: 15.07. -31.11.2018

    The best photo and the best video will be awarded the main prize, the nine runners up in each category will all win original HOHNER instruments. A HOHNER internal jury selects the winners.

    The prizes

    The winners in the category best photo and video will each receive 1000,- €!

    The ten runner ups each category will each win a set of three HOHNER Rocket Harmonicas (Rocket, Rocket Amp, Rocket Low).

    The best pictures and videos will also be published on our homepage www.hohner.de and on our Facebook page and edited into a short video!

    Terms and Conditions for #playtheOriginal

    Participation in the #playtheOriginal photo and video competition (hereinafter collectively: photo competition) and its implementation are subject to the following provisions. Participation exclusively takes place online.

    § 1 Photo competition

    No product purchase is necessary for participation.

    (1) The photo competition is carried out by HOHNER Musikinstrumente GmbH (hereinafter: HOHNER).

    (2) A participant takes part in the photo competition by uploading a photo or video under the hashtag #playtheOriginal to his private Instagram account and tagging it with the HOHNER account hohnermusic. Participation must take place within the time limit stated in the photo competition.

    (3) This promotion is not affiliated with Instagram and is not sponsored, supported or organized by Instagram

    § 2 Participants

    (1) Participation is open to all persons over 18 years of age. However, there is no right to participate.

    (2) Excluded from participation are employees of HOHNER, as well as all other persons involved in the conception and implementation. Also excluded are their respective first and second degree relatives and persons living with them in marriage-like or domestic community.

    (3) Only public profiles can participate in the photo and video competition.

    § 3 Exclusion from the photo competition

    HOHNER neither checks the published photos and videos nor do we assume liability for them. We reserve the right to delete the pictures or videos concerned and to exclude the user from any further use of the website if we become aware of a violation of the law resulting from the photos or videos, in particular in the event of a violation of § 8 of these terms and conditions or in the event of a reasonably suspected violation of the law.

    § 4 Implementation and processing

    (1) Each participant can upload several photos or videos. By participating, participants acknowledge the validity of these terms and conditions.

    (2) Participation is only possible via the INSTAGRAM platform. Any other submissions are not permitted and will not be evaluated by us.

    (3) The pictures and videos are stored in a special database of HOHNER.

    (4) The winners will be notified by HOHNER in writing by post and/or by e-mail.

    § 5 Rights of third parties to the transmitted photos and videos

    The participant assures that he or she has all rights to the submitted photo or video, has the unrestricted exploitation rights of all image parts, that the image is free of third-party rights and that no personal rights are violated in the representation of persons. If one or more persons are recognizably depicted on the photo or video, the persons concerned must agree to the photo or video being published. Upon request, the participant will insure the above in writing. Should third parties nevertheless assert claims for infringement of their rights, the participant releases the organizers from all claims. Photos or videos edited on the computer must not contain image parts from magazines, books, purchased CDs, etc.

    § 6 Granting of rights of use

    (1) The participant grants HOHNER the free, non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide, irrevocable, sub-licensable right to use, reproduce and distribute the submitted photos and videos in any known manner, in particular to publish them.

    In particular, he grants HOHNER the right to use, reproduce and distribute the photos and videos on portals and websites of HOHNER, in particular on own profile pages/channels of HOHNER, in social networks such as Instagram, Facebook or YouTube in connection with the advertising and implementation of the photo competition and the reporting on the photo competition, in particular to publish them.

    (2) The participant agrees that the photo may be combined with other works as well as modified or edited by HOHNER for all aforementioned purposes while respecting the personal rights of the participants. Also appropriately edited versions, especially excerpts of the photo or video, can be used as described.

    § 7 Premature termination of the photo competition

    HOHNER reserves the right to cancel or end the photo competition at any time without prior notice and without giving reasons. HOHNER makes use of this possibility in particular if for technical reasons (e.g. viruses in the computer system, manipulation or errors in the hardware and/or software) or for legal reasons a proper execution of the photo competition cannot be guaranteed.

    § 8 Contents

    The photos or videos submitted for the photo competition must not be considered obscene, offensive, defamatory, ethically offensive, glorifying violence, pornographic, harassing, unsuitable for minors, racist, inciting the people, xenophobic, radical right-wing and/or otherwise reprehensible. The upload of corresponding photos or videos may result in exclusion from the photo competition in accordance with § 3 of these conditions of participation.

    § 9 Notification of the winners

    Winners will be contacted exclusively via Instagram. The comments under the winning photos and videos (sender is the hohnermusic Instagram profile) invite the winners to send an e-mail to competition@hohner.de within 4 weeks. If a winner does not respond within this period, any claim to a prize will be forfeited.

    § 10 Data protection

    The personal data submitted by the entrants will be stored and used exclusively for the purpose of the photo competition and the name of the winner including the place of residence (without postcode and address) will also be published if the pictures are published in the context of the photo competition (media coverage, award ceremony, etc.). The participant expressly agrees to this. The participant is free at any time to revoke the consent with effect for the future by revocation to Hohner Musikinstrumente GmbH, Andreas-Koch-Straße 9, 78647 Trossingen, Germany or at marketing(at)hohner.de.

    § 11 Exclusion of legal recourse, applicability of German law

    Legal recourse is excluded. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply

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