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    30 December, 2022

    Harmonikids Hohner-Sponsored Holiday Session For Troubled Youth

    On December 14, 2022 I returned to provide a special Hohner sponsored Harmonikids Holiday session to 17 participants at the Ferris detention facility in...

    24 December, 2022

    Merry christmas!

    15 December, 2022

    Harmonikids Hohner-Sponsored Session To Boys And Girls Club Of Hollywood

    On December 9, 2022 I provided a Hohner-sponsored Harmonikids session to a gymnasium full of 70 underprivileged children from low income families at the the...

    12 December, 2022

    New HOHNER Affiliated Customizer

    André Coelho from Portugal

    28 November, 2022

    The great Christmas Giveaway!

    Win one of them and play Jingle Bells on Christmas Eve!