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    Victorio Montes from Mexico is the newest certified HOHNER service technician

    25 October, 2018

    Victorio Montes Silva has approximately 10 years of experience in the repair, restoration and improvement of diatonic, chromatic and tremolo harmonicas. He has around 12 years of teaching experience, of which 10 years has been a diatonic harmonica instructor for the Ministry of Culture of Mexico City.

    His great influences have been musicians such as Roland Van Straaten and Howard Levy, among others. Lover of classical music and in particular of the violin of the baroque period, as well as jazz fusion, Turkish traditional music, klezmer, danzón, to name a few; for which it is inclined for a more formal learning of the harmonica.


    Email:   montessilva.victorio@gmail.com 

    Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/AtelierMontesArmonicas/