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    New video: HOHNER affiliated customizer Joe Filisko

    04 May, 2015



    • developed an internationally accepted harmonica customizing standard known as “Filisko method harmonicas”
    • founded the Filisko Guild of harmonica customizers
    • helped spread the overblowing technique by building instruments for Howard Levy and other top players
    • enjoys a worldwide reputation among harmonica players as an independent spirit
    • is deeply committed to HOHNER and the Marine Band harmonica
    • is “spiritus rector” for the Marine Band Thunderbird

    In order to provide a guarantee for the consumer that anyone certified as a HOHNER AFFILIATED CUSTOMIZER is capable of a level of craftsmanship which fulfils the highest possible expectations, it was necessary to agree upon an unimpeachable and widely accepted authority to bestow this revolutionary new seal of quality. To this end, HOHNER has entered into a close cooperation with harmonica customizing pioneer and master player Joe Filisko.

    A trained machinist who also studied guitar at college, Filisko began customizing HOHNER harmonicas by the end of 1990 and was the first to commercially market modern customizing services, catering to an international circle of top players including Howard Levy, Kim Wilson, Steve Baker and many more.

    His instruments rapidly gained iconic status among harmonica afficionados thanks to their vastly improved playablility and have long been the benchmark for quality in this field. Joe shared his knowledge with Richard Sleigh, and the two of them went on to test hundreds of ways to upgrade harmonicas, developing and refining the techniques known as the "Filisko Method". Jimmy Gordon joined forces with Joe and Richard and also contributed to the Filisko method. (http://customharmonicas.com/).

    As one of the world's leading experts for traditional blues harmonica styles, Joe Filisko has long been a dedicated proponent of the HOHNER Marine Band harmonica and it is certainly no coincidence that a substantial majority of harmonica customizers worldwide choose this model as the basis for their work, whether when building instruments for traditional players, or for state of the art contemporary stylists.

    Joe Filiskos Webpage