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    HOHNER wins German Brand Award

    03 July, 2018

    The German Brand Award winners were honoured on June, 21st 2018 during a festive gala at the German Historical Museum in Berlin. More than 600 invited guests from business, culture and the media accepted the exclusive invitation.

    Among the winners of the evening wasHOHNER. The traditional brand from Trossingen was awarded a German Brand Award in Gold in the category "Industry Excellence in Branding - Entertainment".

    "The traditional brand HOHNER presents itself fresh and contemporary, without denying its roots. Remaining true to oneself consistently and yet constantly developing oneself at the pulse of time is an art that not everyone masters. HOHNER has mastered this difficult balancing act for generations and is therefore only rightly asserting itself as the worldwide market leader for harmonicas and accordions", it says in the jury's statement.

    HOHNER was founded in 1857 and has always produced high-quality harmonicas and accordions. The company has shaped the sound of all kinds of music styles and has reinvented its instruments time and again, always in a balancing act between tradition and innovation. In 2017 it was time to speak a new language with the brand design. The result is a completely new brand identity on all channels, based on a new CI.

    The German Brand Award is presented by the German Design Council and the German Brand Institute for successful brands, consistent brand management and sustainable brand communication.

    "More and more companies - as the submissions for the German Brand Award over the last three years clearly show - are consistently driving forward the digitization of their brands at all levels and are working specifically to improve the user experience. They are increasingly focusing on customer-centric product and service design as a strategic success factor - not only with a view to the new digital possibilities. It is also gratifying that this trend can be observed not only in B2C companies but also in more and more B2B companies," explains Andrej Kupetz, jury chairman of the German Brand Award and managing director of the German Design Council.

    "Overall, there is a clear trend towards a more professional approach to brand work, accompanied by a deeper understanding of the importance of the brand and an understanding of the need for continuous and long-term brand management," concluded Kupetz.