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    Harmonikids Session for Students with Learning Disabilities

    23 June, 2017

    On May 8, 2017 I provided a Hohner/KHS sponsored Harmonikids session to a classroom of three dozen participants at the Access School for children with learning disabilities in Davie, FL. In spite of their many diverse obstacles to learning, all students were fully focused and engaged throughout the 90 minute session.

    They giggled with joy and astonishment as I entertained them. Then each was thrilled as I gently taught them to accurately play four songs on their new Hohner harmonicas. As teacher Leah Byland relates in her feedback below, one of her particularly challenged students was so inspired by the session that he “stated how it has changed his life”. As Harmonikids programs have proven for decades, learning to play music on a harmonica can lead youth across daunting boundaries while joyfully boosting their confidence and self esteem.

    ~ Gary Allegretto, Founding Director of Harmonikids, www.harmonikids.org

    "My students absolutely loved it! One of our students that never really engages in our classwork has stated how it has changed his life. He has been playing the harmonica nonstop since Gary came. Our school has decided now that the students are going to play The Star Spangled Banner on their harmonicas at our Cultural Fair. The aforementioned student will be the lead player. Very inspirational. I highly recommend this opportunity all schools."

    ~ Leah Byland, Teacher, The Access Schoo