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    Harmonikids Session For Big Brothers Big Sisters

    28 April, 2015

    Harmonikids Hohner-sponsored Session For Big Brothers Big Sisters Of Kamloops, British Columbia

    On March 15, 2015 I provided a Hohner sponsored Harmonikids session to Big Brothers Big Sisters in Kamloops, BC. In the session 20 participants were entertained then gifted harmonicas and taught to play four songs. It was a rousing success and the kids were very enthusiastic and proud of their newly discovered musical ability.

    Harmonikids programs provide the therapeutic joy of learning music while elevating children's self esteem and confidence at a crucial time in their lives. Perhaps the best way to illustrate the many benefits the youth gained from the experience is to share the following inspirational feedback and photos I received from director Jessica Gordon.

    Gary Allegretto

    Harmonikids Founding Director



    The kids had a blast. The event gave them a chance to learn music in a really accessable way. A lot of our clientelle come from low income and single parent families. For that reason, learning an instrument is rarely something that would be on their radar (due to busy parents, lack of finances). I think getting the chance to see that they are able to learn how easy it is to pick up the harmonica and learn a song so fast really gave them a lot of confidence and i'm sure it will empower them to keep learning more and maybe even get them interested in learning more about music and instruments. I talked to some of our kids after and they told me how excited they were to go home and practice their songs they learned and show their friends and family what they learned too. Thanks again!

    Jessica Gordon

    Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kamloops & Region

    bbbs kamloops.ca