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    Harmonikids In West Texas

    09 August, 2017

    On February 27, 2015 I provided a Hohner sponsored Harmonikids session to The High Frontier, a sprawling ranch facility for troubled youth outside of Fort Davis, Texas. In the session 90 participants were entertained then gifted harmonicas and taught to play four songs. It was a rousing success and the teens were enthusiastically proud of their newly discovered musical ability.

    The Harmonikids lessons provided the therapeutic joy of learning music while elevating  self esteem and confidence at a crucial time in the lives of these challenged adolescents. Perhaps the best way to illustrate the many benefits the youth gained from the experience is to share this letter I received from the facility's therapist following the session.

    Gary Allegretto

    Harmonikids Founding Director



    Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you again for coming out to visit us, and for the fine introduction to the harmonica.  The kids around here are still talking about it.  As we were discussing afterward, these are troubled kids, and the harmonica is a gateway to music and to positivity.  Like I predicted, one or two kids in each group has yet to put theirs down, so you succeeded in injecting music into every dorm on our campus.

    It’s obvious that you’ve been doing this for a while, and we especially appreciated your humor and your kind encouragement.  These kids generally have a history of being class clowns, but they have their share of performance anxiety as well; you got them all to relax and have fun, and made them feel successful.

    Please thank the fine folks at Hohner, too, for the gift of all those harmonicas.  I know I speak for all of our kids when I say we really appreciate them.


    Wayne Wentworth, M.Ed-LPC

    Team Therapist

    The High Frontier

    Fort Davis, Texas