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    The new HOHNER

    30 August, 2017

    A new look, language and feel – high quality you remember.

    HOHNER was founded in 1857 and has produced high quality free reed instruments ever since. We shaped the sound of genres from blues to traditional folk, defined the rules of how an accordion should sound, and reinvented the harmonica more than once.

    After we had our old design for some years now, we decided that it was about time to, once again, employ our progressive mindset and dream up a new look for our brand, as well as a new language and a new mode of presentation for our harmonicas, accordions, melodicas, and recorders. This is the outcome, and we hope you love it as much as we do!

    We haven’t just modernized our look, we also tweaked our language a bit. Our aim: both the new design and language convey how much fun making music is. Because let’s be honest, there’s few things in life more fun than making music with friends.

    Another novelty we are incredibly proud of is myHOHNER, the first HOHNER online forum for harpists, accordionists, melodica players and everybody else interested in music, culture, and having a good time. But it’s not just a forum, it’s also the most direct way to talk to us at HOHNER. Wherever you are in the world, whatever your question – we will read it, and we will try to answer it.

    But enough words for now. We’d much rather have you go out there and explore our new website and myHOHNER. Because after all, this website is for you to truly enjoy music.

    Talk to you soon
    Your proud friends at HOHNER.