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    24 May, 2021

    On May 8, 2021 I provided a Hohner-sonsored Harmonikids session to challenged youth from Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch in Salado, TX. It was a wonderful success. Boy’s Ranch shares much of the same philosophy and goals as Harmonikids to improve and nurture the lives and development of youth with challenges. Like Harmonikids, they stress making a positive difference through elevating self esteem and confidence by providing success to their lives. As they say in their website; "Boys Ranch provides children with the foundational safety and encouragement to feel safe enough to establish new behaviors and a healthier identity. We offer children opportunities to achieve in areas in which they were previously unsuccessful… or in areas they have never tried before…” and instilling "the confidence needed to take on new tasks.” All of the youth and supervisors in attendance were thrilled to be entertained and then receive new Hohner harmonicas. Then through my Harmonikids teaching method they all successfully and accurately learned to play four songs - joyfully achieving a musical skill none had ever possessed before. Several of the kids sent comments about their happy learning experience (attached below). And as their supervisor says in his note of thanks (also attached below), they happily played their harmonicas most of the 8 hour ride home!

    ~ Gary Allegretto, Founding Director of Harmonikids, www.harmonikids.org




    Dear Gary,

    Our kids never get to attend any seminars or trainings due to the number of us and the cost per person. When we were told Harmonikids and Hohner were donating your workshop our kids were very excited. None of them have had any musical training. They were happily playing their harmonicas most of the way home (8 hour trip). This was a great opportunity for our kids to experience that they can learn an instrument and have fun doing it. Thanks for your gift. This was a truly entertaining experience and another chance for our kids to grow. 

    ~ Michael Pacino, Vice President, Operations Support, Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch


    Letters from several of the kids:

    Mr Allegretto, thank you so much for the harmonica and the lessons. I have continue to practice the train song and have even taught my little sister how to play it. Thank you again!  

    ~ Kelly (age 7) 


    Mr.Alegreto, I just wanted to thank you for the harmonica lessons and all you did for Boys Ranch. I really enjoyed the smiles that you put on my face and those around me. It means a lot to me to see people, such as you going out and spreading joy to everyone especially during this difficult time.  God has given you a great talent so that you can witness to those around you. I really appreciated what you did for us again!!

    ~ Kevin


    Gary Allegretto, thanks for the harmonica.   I had such a good time… when I got back, I played for everyone. 



    Gary Allegretto, thank you for giving us harmonicas and the lessons.  I really enjoyed learning from your good experiences. I also really like your songs.

    ~ Abby 


    Mr. Allegretto, thank you so much for the Harmonica and for the lessons. I had so much fun and learned a lot!