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Golden Melody Progressive

The New GOLD Standard In Sound And Design

The Golden Melody Progressive, Hohner's only professional diatonic model tuned to equal temperament, has undergone a radical redesign to improve handling, stability and airtightness. While retaining the warm tone which has made it a favorite of single note melody players in many different styles, the new Golden Melody Progressive offers a fuller, more powerful sound, combined with optimal playing comfort.
And it looks great too!

Golden Melody and Case


  • Ergonomically formed stainless steel covers for comfortable handling and greater stability
  • Innovative cover attachment with Torx countersunk screws
    New Golden Melody Screw
  • Comb with polished ultraglide mouthpiece and rounded outer edges for enhanced playing comfort
  • Improved airtightness and volume through new comb and cover design
  • Precision milled Hohner Classic brass reeds
  • Reed plates cut to finest tolerances for maximum airtightness
  • Tempered tuning, ideal for single note melody playing in different styles
  • Beautiful, sturdy case made of high quality printed cardboard
  • Available in all 12 major keys
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Golden Melody at Diner

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