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André Godoy Coelho

"Marine Band Deluxe is the perfect step up from the legendary 1896. I really enjoy working on them. As for chromatics, 270 has THAT sound!"

Brazilian born, André has moved with his family to Portugal in 2018, where he quickly became a full time harmonica technician.

A player since his early teens, his first harmonica was the short lived Special 20 MS model. Quickly he realized there was room for improvement and his path as a musician went side by side with improving his instruments to a point in which he could focus more on the music itself than limitations of the instrument playability.

Over the years he has played in several projects while finishing studies holding a degree in Environmental Management and working in Auditing and Quality Management for several years. It was the move to Portugal that brought him closer to a broader client base that steadily grew inside Europe, Americas and some more to the point he would dedicate his full time into providing great performance custom harmonicas, both diatonic and chromatic, while also servicing less usual models like the Harmonetta.

Also very interested in alternate tunings and innovative harmonicas, he had the opportunity to work side by side with Brendan Power in different opportunities helping him to release some new models he designed. Not long after, André became a Hohner Authorized Service Technician after visiting and taking the course at the factory during the 2022 HOHNER Masters Workshops period. It was at this point he met Joe Filisko, who had been assessing one of his harmonicas after a positive feedback by Steve Baker. Joe was kind enough to give some pointers and adjustments have been made for a complete evaluation. Few months later Joe had a positive impression and recommended him to join the HAC group.

Apart from the harmonicas, he also designs and builds dedicated harmonica gear, such as microphones and effect pedals in limited runs.

If you want to contact André or get more information visit:

Instagram Profile or write to andregodoycoelho@gmail.com



Instrument Marine Band Deluxe, Super Chromonica
Country Portugal